Brand and Communication

Brands are communicated through an increasingly complex media landscape. New channels and social platforms gain importance within the exchange of opinions. Therefore it is imperative to benefit effectively from this development. Thereby everything revolves around HOW and WITH WHOM.


Exploration and Validation

of new ways of communication

Targeted exploration leads us to alternative routes of communication. Through rigorous analysis of verbal and visual contents, we use the best vehicle to make your message accessible, comprehend the brand changes and identify where potential for improvement lies.

In this way, we ensure your brand is supported by excellent communication.


Strategy War Game

Identifying the key threats, but also potential opportunities through the war gaming approach, we can create your own map of the competitive landscape.

Furthermore this analysis of recent and anticipated future market changes gives us the advantage of predicting the potential next moves of your competitors and their vulnerabilities, allowing us to adapt and defend your offensive brand strategy.

We strive to find the optimum positioning of your brand amongst your competitors and to exploit this position to the maximum.


The Brand Bible

Whoever knows the past is well prepared for the future.

The Brand Bible contains summaries and analysis of consumer- and shopper-knowledge – from the brand launch until today.

Through a review of the brand, we gather important insights: What does the brand stand for, what have shopper and consumer kept in mind and how does it express in their behaviour, e.g. during shopping?

The brand-bible is an invaluable starting point for future decision-making and an indispensable tool that introduces and provides newcomers with a fast way to ease into your brand’s territory.