Concept & Product

To stay competitive in the current market-universe, concepts and products must be constantly up-dated and checked for Trend- and Insight conformity.

Specially developed methods in this field serve an evolution of the strongest concepts and products to stay ahead of the competitors.




In addition to group-discussion and individual interviews we have created various methods that allow us to uncover deep Insights the world has not yet seen.

Therefore we rely on profound relationship with the consumer. Our “Triple Single Interviews” reveal interesting individual statements and image libraries let us see the world through the consumer’s eyes.



Speed Dating

Often we have to dismiss concepts to keep the amount workable. Therefore – like choosing the right partner – we apply the “Speed-Dating” method to achieve a better understanding about which concept is the strongest and where its potential lies.




Through conventional primer concept-screening, strong concepts can be distinguished from less promising ones on the basis of KPIs.

Diving into a concept allows us to have a closer look at its individual parts – insight, benefit and RTB. A deeper understanding allows us to adapt the concept perfectly to the consumer’s needs and further develop it.


Product Drivers

The question of why the presence or absence of certain attributes of the product is important to the consumer can be answered by highlighting consumers’ Insights to relevant benefits and requirements. 

To explore the optimum sensory degree of the attribute, we expose the consumer to special driver- and Gap-Analysis with a range of questions such as:

What attracts people to the market leader? Out of the sensory profile what drives this leadership?

How can we prepare our sensory dimensions to improve attractiveness?