Konsument & Shopper

Firstly we need to dig for a holistic consumer understanding, before we can delve into the world of needs which will be further segmented so that a new field of business opportunities can finally be uncovered.

Holistic consumer understanding

What drives the consumer?
What drives the Shopper?

To generate holistic consumer understanding we must step into the consumer’s shoes, far beyond focus groups or interviews.

We know that the best place for discovery of strong consumer and shopper insights is the consumer’s territory itself. By applying a range of projective, idiographic and enabling techniques, and through creation of a close relationship with the objects of analysis, we increasingly identify clear growth opportunity platforms where promising new ideas can be generated one step further.


Need Segmentation

Through need segmentation, we are able to enlighten new consumer insights. We focus on profile creation for clear individual consumer segments, which can then be applied in practice. We always keep an eye out for functional and emotional needs in particular usage occasions.

What is the role of your brand in individual segments, occasions and in different need areas?

Where does your brand not currently play?

Where is it falling short against your competitors?

Uncover the major growth barriers and issues addressing your brand and pave the way for success.



Shopper & Consumer Safari

We’ll take you on a Safari where you can get as close as possible to the consumers and shoppers.  Join consumers and shoppers in different everyday-life situations – at home, on the go, in the shop.

To generate strong insights, we use experience-proven observational- and explorational-approaches like the so called “Funkenbuch”, the Think-Aloud-Technique or the Safari bus. Be there when the “Wow”-Moments emerge.