Successful innovations are the brand’s heartbeat. With our help, we generate innovative impulses to extend your brand’s life and position placement amongst the competitors. Through targeted exploration and analysis, space for opportunities and necessities will be identified in order to create Insights, giving the basis for your innovations and the market-success of tomorrow.

Our workshops are the laboratory for your successful ideas and concepts.



In our workshops, we use different creative- and moderation techniques to identify new ideas and concepts based on consumer needs in determined fields of opportunities – Quick wins and strategically accomplished ideas.


Springboard Platforms

We visualize fields of opportunities in Springboard-Platforms through clear definition of Insights, Benefits, Target groups and the business potential:

“What is the Big Idea?”
“What are the consumer-insights?”
“Which of the consumer’s needs are addressed?“
“Who is the target group?”
“What is the growth-potential?”



We sift through all the available studies and reports on the customer side on specific topics or brands. Then we compress the data and insights to highlight and identify opportunities for new idea fields.

The fields of opportunities are matched in the core team prior to the workshop and form the central part of the innovation process.